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what day of the week is it?

Coronavirus quaratine day? , Who even knows.. and to say the “natives are restless” is an understatement where I live in southern California . I, like everyone else in this country, am experiencing solitude and unease. Initially, as an essential employee, I was working non-stop, PPE up the wazoo.. My face felt sore from the mask squeeze and my cuticles were far beyond the normal dryness. As the weeks have progressed, patient care has become lighter, patients are not being admitted into our building for safety concerns. So my working hours are more limited, allowing me more time at home.

What I haven't let you know about me is that I have a senior in high school as well. He was supposed to be doing all those things senior year activities that you dream of. Unfortunately, as with all the rest of the graduating Class of 2020, he is doing none of them and is just bummed out. This week, his school is video taping all the seniors walking across the “stage” to make a commemorative video, with very strict guidelines that have been sent out. Masks, 6 feet apart, 2 parents/guardians, no handshaking, pictures directly after then masks back on. Oh, and drive through to pick up your diploma on June 11, no getting out of the car. I was in contact with a friend in the Bay area, whose daughter’s school isn't even doing that! Once I heard what was happening in other areas, I have to be thankful that at least the school is trying to make the best of this very unprecedented situation .

Admittedly, I’ve been feeling all the feels. I cried like a baby when Obama gave his commencement speech, watching my son listen quietly. I realize that the graduation ceremony, while a milestone for the seniors is more so for the parents. A closing of a chapter.

I've been thinking alot about things lately. The users on my Bliss Daily 3 gratitude app are rising daily, which I’m beyond thankful to see. People are using the app to shift their focus to look for the good in their daily lives. This is something I would have never imagined happening. But it has. I have been able to spend more quality time with my son, going on hikes, going on runs, watching Tiger King (yeah totally did) , having meaningful conversations and making memories that had I been busy with my “normal life” I would have never had. Especially since he is technically scheduled to leave for college July 25th. We have been forced to slow our lives down. It has given us this rare opportunity to reset and begin to cherish moments that we might have overlooked pre virus.

Who knows what the reopening of life will look like, how many steps to the process there will be. I do know this, I am cherishing this time, while quiet, I am more present than I have ever been. For this, I am truly grateful.

I welcome you to download the free + easy ;) Bliss daily 3 gratitude app that is available on both ios and google stores and share your own gratitude practice by using #blissdaily3

Keep smiling,


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