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what day of the week is it?

Coronavirus quaratine day? , Who even knows.. and to say the “natives are restless” is an understatement where I live in southern California . I, like everyone else in this country, am experiencing solitude and unease. Initially, as an essential employee, I was working non-stop, PPE up the wazoo.. My face felt sore from the mask squeeze and my cuticles were far beyond the normal dryness. As the weeks have progressed, patient care has become lighter, patients are not being admitted into our building for safety concerns. So my working hours are more limited, allowing me more time at home. What I haven't let you know about me is that I have a senior in high school as well. He was supposed to b

2020 woah...

My first blog post for quite some time.... its 2020....I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Macara (think of mascara but minus the S) I am the creator of the Bliss Daily 3 FREE gratitude app. I’m on the cusp of 50 and a lover of positive affirmations. I wear many hats, as we all do. I am a mom of teenage boys, I was widowed when I was 41, and I am a survivor of many difficult times. I have learned so much on this journey of mine that I want to share through a monthly blog post. Here is a little background on how this idea for my personal gratitude habit began 6 years ago . I was going through a challenging time in my life. I took a hard look at my day to day livi

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