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2020 woah...

My first blog post for quite some time.... its 2020....I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Macara (think of mascara but minus the S) I am the creator of the Bliss Daily 3 FREE gratitude app.

I’m on the cusp of 50 and a lover of positive affirmations. I wear many hats, as we all do. I am a mom of teenage boys, I was widowed when I was 41, and I am a survivor of many difficult times. I have learned so much on this journey of mine that I want to share through a monthly blog post. Here is a little background on how this idea for my personal gratitude habit began 6 years ago . I was going through a challenging time in my life. I took a hard look at my day to day living and realized I needed to start looking at the good in my everyday life. I began taking pictures of ANYTHING during the course of my day that made me even remotely smile .I then posted 3 pictures nightly ,for my own accountability. I really didn't think anyone would pay attention to my nightly posts in all honesty. It was purely for my own mental health to keep me focused on the moments where my heart felt a little lighter. LIttle did I know that I would have people start to message me, saying they were looking forward to seeing what I would post nightly!? I thought how strange!? Why would anyone care what my day looked like? Then I realized I was on to something.

Fast forward..

With my mom’s passing, 4 years ago I started to think about bringing my nightly gratitude habit into reality for a gratitude app to help others, since it was such a game changer in my world. I began researching, looking at what was on the market, most importantly, I wanted it to be FREE for BOTH IOS and GOOGLE phones. Is it fancy? ABSOLUTELY NOT, is it EFFECTIVE? 100% with intention and consistency, you will begin to feel a shift in your thinking. I explain that it is a bit like a PEOPLE magazine version of gratitude, pictures with a brief description;)

Science has research backed data that has proven that we can rewire the neurotransmitters of our brain with a process called neuroplasticity. You see, we are hardwired to remember the bad, it was means of survival for our ancestors. By taking a few moments of daily gratitude, you can literally rewire your neurotransmitters. You will begin to feel a shift in your thinking. Remember, you need to allow yourself some grace as you are trying to break an old habit and start new. As with any new habit, it takes at least 21 days of consistency.

I welcome you all to join this amazing community I have created. The only thing I ask, is that when you post on social, please use and follow hashtag #blissdaily3 so you can follow others doing the exact same thing, trying to see the good in everyday life.

The world is changing before our eyes, with this virus at the moment. More than ever I believe that the Bliss Daily 3 gratitude app of mine has the potential to help people with their mental health. We are all feeling the feels of stay in place orders, social distancing, isolation, increased anxiety, depression, stress. The list goes on and on. Let's try to break this hard wired programming by starting a simple gratitude practice to remind ourselves, not every day is good but there really is something good in every day.

I am truly looking forward to what this monthly blog will bring and evolve into.

Much Love and Gratitude, Mac

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