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6th anniversary of my personal #blissdaily3 postings

I think we can all say 2020 has been a doozey. This year is the 6th anniversary of my personal posting of my #blissdaily3‘s.

I have been giving some thought about what to write about this month. I pondered different ideas this past weekend before I came up with a topic. I decided to write about real life gratitude vs. what some people could call a highlight reel and the difference this anniversary.

When I started posting what is now #blissdaily3’s 6 years ago. My daily 3 postings came from a place of taking my own advice since I was stuck on the hamster wheel of focusing on the suck of my days. I made the decision to start taking pictures of anything and everything that made me even remotely smile or brighten my day. I then decided to choose 3 of them and post. That is how the idea for my Bliss Daily 3 app organically began 6 years ago.

This was my first posting 6 years ago. My coconut oil orbs in my morning coffee, my salad that I ate for dinner and my oldest who joined me for said dinner out while we were waiting for the younger boys to finish their practice.

You see, I never thought in a million years, anyone would care or think twice about these 3 photos I was posting. Who would really? I was posting moments in my daily life that made me smile or gave me happiness. 6 years in and I continue to capture and recognize moments in my daily life that simply make me happy or where I experience gratitude. What I didn't realize was that I would have people reaching out to me, saying that they were curious about what would make my daily 3 every night!? It was quite baffling to be honest with you.

Why on the anniversary write about this topic of posting highlight reel life vs real life gratitude? Life is changing as we know it with the Corona Virus. We are all experiencing stresses at some level adjusting and navigating to this new normal. We are dealing with a certain level of suck, at a basic level across the board. Pre Corona, social media had tendencies to be curated, especially on Instagram. Picture perfect world, all things rainbows and unicorns… you know what I’m talking about. So not real life… I think we can all agree that when people get on social media platforms (Facebook and IG), they want to post pretty pictures + all the good in their lives. Who hasn’t? I know I certainly have. Maybe not intentionally, but I am certainly not telling you about the craptastic day I had with my boys or at work. I might talk about it to my inner tribe, but post? Never.

That first post of mine? I was thankful for the coffee because I was dragging ass tired and run down needing the caffeine, the salad was the first bit of protein I had eaten all day since I was spending so much time in the car shuttling kids back and forth to school/practices 3+ hours a day and my oldest who I barely spent quality one on one time with. Can you notice the difference in how you can look at the good in daily life?

So that brings me to this topic, posting daily gratitude in 3 photos a day. What is the difference between posting highlight reel photos and posting daily gratitude? I can only speak to my own posting and to users who use the hashtag #blissdaily3 on IG. In my opinion, a highlight reel can be considered boastful. While it might not be the intention of the person, it can come off to others as arrogant, giving energy to one's ego. I will say again, this is simply my opinion. Posting daily photos of gratitude, is a simple testimony as to what people are grateful for on any given day. So while it might be a beautiful ocean photo for example, the caption could be that it was acknowledging gratitude for the first time getting away in last 7 months! Can you see the difference in the reason behind the post? A photo posted for recognizing gratefulness for a moment is far different than a post to simply show off. This is where the neurotransmitters and neuroplasticity of the brain come into play. Can you see the difference between fueling the ego and expressing gratitude?

I have found the idea of curated photos are not what users are posting, instead users are posting real life moments of gratitude. Are users posting traditional posed pictures on occasion? YES but typically? NO. That's the beauty of what the Bliss Daily 3 gratitude app is about. What I believe is happening is a shift. Might I say a welcome shift with social media? People are feeling isolated with this virus and want to know others are feeling the same. People want to know we are all in this together and to be able to feel connected on some level with others as we walk through these months of uncertainty. I believe the shift is happening. People are becoming more aware and posting more realistic life. Maybe this is helping to bring the pendulum swing back hopefully into balance.

OCT 2020, who knew we would be here. I ask you, are you making the most of your new normal? Are you starting to become aware of the good you have in life? The things you took for granted before? I know I sure have. I never realized a can of Lysol and wipes would be something that could make me happy …. Maybe it's bringing life back into a better perspective. So while I’m right along with you navigating this new normal, I welcome you to download my free and really easy Bliss Daily 3 gratitude app and begin a simple gratitude practice with 3 photos a day to share with others.

Remember because it is free, I ask that you use the hashtag #blissdaily3, tag us , like/ follow to see others who are doing the same thing, finding gratitude in our daily lives instead of focusing on the suck that is so easy to do. I did post a video of why I created the app, if you are interested, it’s up on the pages and you can take a listen ;)

Health and Happiness,


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